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Family and Childrens  Portraits  Hunterdon County NJ

1. Initial planning session

I want to learn about your family, talk about your children’s personalities and understand your family’s unique connection. We’ll also discuss clothing, hairstyle, jewelry, nail polish and other details. I want you to help me understand your hopes and dreams for your portrait.

I can create your portrait in one of several rolex yachtmaster locations - your home, my studio and garden in Clinton, Hunteron County NJ, the beach,or a location that's special to you.

2. Viewing and Selecting Your Images!

One of my favorite activities is showing clients the images I’ve taken. My husband and partner, Arthur is an integral part of guess replica watches uk this session. We can bring the latest technology right to the comfort and convenience of YOUR OWN HOME and offer suggestions from a professional with over thirty years experience.

3. Finishing Touches: Making Your Portrait Special

A picture captures the reality of a split second. A portrait PORTRAYS how we want to be seen. - something about a person’s character, and relationships between children and family. The perfect portrait combines the right image with  and artistic touch necessary to make your portrait “perfect.” The portrait you'll be so proud of will not come from that breitling replica watches cell phone that you and I use for those shots of the moment, Those powerful portraits you've seen in the museums could not come from the latest app.

Unlike almost any other photographer,you and my husband Arthur, an artist and "miracle worker" will work together to correct any small flaws, such as a stray piece of hair or a blemish until your portrait evokes exactly the right feeling. Maybe there is someone sensitive about some aspect of their appearance. That's why you have a seasoned professional right in the comfort of your own home. And almost all the time someone looks better in one shot than another. That's why you and Arthur will invest the time to find the best pose of each person. 

Bottom line. It's all about a photographer that captures the beauty of people you love and gives you both a beautiful memory and an " Heirloom Canvas Portrait " to enhance your home.

We also offer custom  frames designed IN YOUR HOME – frames that make your portrait “pop”. With the right frame, your portrait really becomes a piece of art.

4. Delivery

Arthur or I will personally deliver your new heirloom to your home.

E-Mail us today for more information or to set up an appointment or call 908-303-7947

Guarantee I know you will love what I create. If I can't get a tear of joy from you when you see the beauty of your portrait, then I will happily give you all your money back. If you're not thrilled with the artistic portrait I've created for you, you've lost nothing.

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